Mass ship button solution from API?

Wondering if anyone knows what call needs to be made to duplicate what the “Mass Shipment” button does in epicor via the API?

Simply, trying to close out shipments in epicor from the API. I can create the shipment entry via Erp.BO.CustShipSvc​/CustShips but I cannot find the method that is being used to “Mass ship” which pulls in all the line items for a sales order.

Anyone know?

Have you already tried a trace - contain enough details for what you are doing?

Out of curiosity I did a quick test and PreCreateMassShipDtl / CreateMassShipDtl caught my eye but… I didn’t bother to check/verify anything else.

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I did a trace but wasn’t able to solve finding what is being called when that button is hit.

I ended up loading in the lines via shipdtl call. That works just as good.

I second that. I went down that road too and found exactly what you did. Once you right the code to loop through the lines, the mass shipment BO isn’t needed.

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Thanks Brandon. I figured that was the case.

I got another post up about closing the shipment out. Since you’ve gone down this road, would you happen to know the code or procedure to close out the shipment entry via API?

What do you mean by close out the shipment entry?

When you hit the “Shipped” check box it marks the shipment entry status as shipped, closes the sales order out in order entry, and pulls the inventory. Basically completes the sale. The link above explains it better.