Mass Update OpDesc on Parts?

What is the best way to mass update OpDesc on parts? When we went to Epicor, OpDesc was missing for a bunch of parts. Now, a few years in, we have about 1/2 the catalog with description and the other 1/2 without.

I see the entries with blanks in the PartOpr and ECCOpr tables, but not sure where else they may be and/or how best to mass update them.

On another note, how do I remove the word “CONSULTANT” next to my user name? I’ve selected consultant: no in my profile, but it didn’t remove the label.

You could use ‘Mass Operation Replace’

  1. Create a temp Operation, and give it any desc.
  2. Do a Mass Op Replace, form the one with the missing Desc, to the temp one
  3. Update the desc in the original Operation to what you want it to be.
  4. Do a Mass Op Replace, form the temp one, back to the original one.

(obviously test in a test environment first)

Looks like you might not even need the temp operation. Maybe you can change from Op ‘A’ to Op ‘A’, but with “Refresh Operation Description” checked


NOTE: If you do need to use the temp operation, make sure to check that Refresh Desc box

Important: The operation code will be replaced in all methods of manufacture where it occurs; however, the operation description in the method will change only if you have checked the Refresh Operation Description check box. If you have previously modified the description and you do not want it to be changed by this program, clear the check box before you run the process.

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Super helpful! Thank you.

Looks like the temp solution will be needed…

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