Mass Update - Supplier Price List

Has anyone tried doing a mass update of the supplier price list’s Base Unit Price? Maybe a UBAQ or is there something standard in Epicor that already does this?

This would be something the DMT is built for. Even an updateable dashboard/BAQ would require you to change each record.

I have used DMT

I usually use DMT too. If you’re not licensed for it, you can export and import supplier price lists on the actions menu.

What we’re trying to do is expire the old price list and add a new price list for trackability and existing PO’s that use the old price list.

I do not believe you can have more than one price list per supplier.

Instead you have effect dates for each record in the price list.

To expire the price list, change the effective dates and add the part again with a new effective date and price.

Yes, sorry I meant price list on Part. We would need to do a double transaction of expiring the old and add a new effective date on the part.