Master File Import Utility

I use the custom master file import/export utilities that Epicor sells to do
mass changes and load initial databases. Yesterday I was updating pricing
in the part.d master file when my workstation crashed. I imported my backup
copy to part.d which fixed the file.

But, the crash damaged links to other files like BOM so I had to restore the
entire database from backup. Today we are re-entering all of yesterdays
work. My users are not happy campers today.

Morale of the story according to tech support is to backup the entire
database before working with any of the master files, not just the file in
question. I didn't realize this could happen or I would have backed up
everything first. I'm sure you experts knew enough to backup everything but
it never occurred to me that other files could be corrupted in addition to
file I was working with. See, I do know enough to be dangerous.

Not the way I wanted to test our backups, particularly since we had a power
outage that night. I was lucky that we only lost one day of work and that
the UPS keep the system running long enough for the backup to run.
Otherwise we would have lost several days of work.

Mitchell Kirby
Riten Industries, Inc.

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