Master Pack slip

Has anyone created a packing slip or master pack slip to list all open sales order line items, not just the lines that shipped?

This isn’t really a packing slip then, right? You can get this list by whipping up a BAQ. Pull in the tables OrderHed, OrderDtl, and OrderRel. You can filter the tables to return exactly what you want (open lines). You can also use the values in OrderRel to determine how many were shipped on that release.

Is this what you are looking for?

We did this on the pack slip. It only works (with updated open lines) if shipping dept prints the pack AFTER they have clicked shipped in Cust Shipment Entry.
I had to create an open lines subreport. Query example:
=“SELECT T1.OrderNum, T1.LineDesc, T1.PartNum, T1.OrderQty, T1.OrderLine, SUM([T2].[SellingStockShippedQty])AS ShippedQty, T1.OpenLine,T1.KitFlag FROM OrderDtl_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1
LEFT OUTER JOIN OrderRel_" + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T2 ON T1.Company = T2.Company AND T1.OrderNum = T2.OrderNum AND T1.OrderLine = T2.OrderLine WHERE T1.OpenLine = 1 AND T1.KitFlag <> ‘C’ GROUP BY T1.OrderNum, T1.OrderLine, T1.PartNum, T1.LineDesc, T1.OrderQty, T1.KitFlag, T1.OpenLine"

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Hi Marta,
I added an open lines subreport. How did you get this to show the open lines? Are you passing the parameter?

In the main PackSlip form, I created another Dataset- (I called it OrderDtl )
My query in the dataset-
=“SELECT T1.OrderNum, T1.LineDesc, T1.PartNum, T1.OrderQty, T1.OrderLine, T1.OpenLine FROM OrderDtl_” + Parameters!TableGuid.Value + " T1 WHERE T1.OpenLine =1 AND T1.KitFlag <> ‘C’"
Then on the row visibility of that open lines subreport, I check if there are any rows.

Thanks for this information. It looks like I only bring in the order lines that are on the pack slip. I can’t seem to bring in all the order lines, regardless if they are on this pack slip.

Oh I’m thinking I did have to add joins to our PackSlip RDD to send over all rows. I try to check on this

you can get tthis at from shipdtl table i guess ? if the ship status of a pack number is different than shipped

Did you get a chance to look at your joins in the RDD? This one is stumping me…Thanks!

How would you get this from the shipdtl table? The sales order lines have not shipped yet? Thanks

sorry, looks like I have a relationship join ShipDtl->OrderDtl.
It’s been yrs back, but I remember testing joins in RDD and when I test the form, I would see in SQL when all the order rows would come over. (Been a bit swamped since we migrated to kinetic this summer.) :grimacing:

Thanks so much!! It worked with the ShipDtl>OrderDtl join. Good luck with Kinetic :slight_smile: