Material Cost on Job

We completed a FG into inventory, 500pcs, using 1 inventory item as material, at 25$ each. However, the FG into inventory has no cost associated with it. Not sure why. The job shows the material cost, but not the FG when completed.

The first thing I would look at is the Cost Method on your FG part. If the part is Standard cost and the standard cost value is 0, that would explain it.

It’s currently set to FIFO. But I also read it should be AVG. This is the first time I have done this - create a FG from another item - but the material rolled up as zero - even though the material had a cost.

Other reports that show job cost are the Production Detail report, the Work in Process report, and then on the Finance side there is the Inventory WIP Reconciliation report.

At this point it’s just a matter of continuing to dig.

Thank you. We discovered the job process steps were out of order. All ok now. Thank you.