Material Cost options

Looking for options…we do not carry cost on our finished goods as they are customer owned. We are using packaging material that we purchase that do have cost on them. We issue the packaging material to the job which carries that cost over to the finished part. What options are there to not have that cost carry over? We could put a zero dollar inventory cost on the purchased packaging part but maybe there is a configuration that would not tie the cost across the top level.

@barkleyw Welcome. If they are of no value on your books, I think if you make them standard costed with a zero cost then the posting engine rules say it will push the cost over standard to the variance account.

I think this rule would be the one used, but you would need to refer to the complete Hierarchy document and do some testing to make sure it did what you want.

Thanks Greg…we will test it out and see if it does what we want. Your feedback is much appreciated as we continue to learn the system.