Material/Operation is not on file error

Really making a last attempt to use Epicor or not… that aside - If I create a PO for Job Material, select an item that’s in the job material list, I keep getting this error… Anyone run into this? I’ve tried using different jobs, different PO’s - same issue.

Side note I have started using the old shell UI instead of Kinetic, it’s not all that bad. It at least doesn’t have a zillion bugs.

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I could be wrong, but I think you need to choose a material from the Mtl drop down list, next to Job and Asm.

Good move on working in classic. Kinetic is waste of time.

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Thanks. Yes I did select the material from the drop down… the pic I put up doesn’t show that… It errors whether I select it or not.

(edit: I posted an updated pic)

If you look at the Mtl in Job Tracker, is seq 30 setup as Buy Direct?

Thanks. I tried both ways, same issue. Do I need to have an approved supplier set up for it?

I’m looking at that error message which indicates that it’s not expecting Job Material needed on the job and I’m wondering why. Is the material tied to an Operation?

Oh, shot in the dark, is the job released?

I would guess that approved supplier would be a different error message earlier in the PO. But I can always be wrong. :person_shrugging:

Looks like I might have it figured out. It does have to be marked “purchase direct” and also the job cannot be released.

The one thing that I just can’t seem to understand is - why does the item you want to purchase for a job have to be in the job material list? In our situations we frequently run into the need to purchase items for jobs that are not set up initially in the job material list, especially if the material list started at the quote level and followed through the order to the job. It’s impossible for us to get it all up front, so now one has to go “un release” a job, add the item(s) to the material list that need purchased, re-release it, then go make a PO against it…

Probably reasons for it, but it would be much nicer if they allowed the material list to be updated from the PO level as items are being purchased for jobs.

I wonder if that can be customized or is that hard coded into the software?

The main reason here is PO suggestions and variance tracking. If it doesn’t know you need it, how can Epicor suggest to buy it? Likewise, if Epicor doesn’t know what’s expected, it’s impossible to know what over/under usage there might be. :person_shrugging:

You can still purchase materials for a project before you engineer a job. This is the Planning Contract feature I mentioned earlier. Associate a Project with a planning contract and buy what you need. MRP will only make that material from that PO purchase to that Project’s Planning Contract. The only real restriction here is that all material can go to only one bin.

Of course, this does not get around adding it to the job eventually but at least it would keep you moving as long has you have a way to communicate with purchasing what to buy ahead of time.

I just got a video session from my VAR…

So apparently you can add a part to a PO (for job material) that’s not on the job material list, and update the material list for the job defined in the PO…

The issue is - there’s a bug in the classic version that doesn’t allow you to “add” the material to the list…

Hahaha this time the Kinetic UI is correct but the classic isn’t

Kind of brings me back to my original issue - it’s difficult to learn and understand this software when there are bugs with the basic functionality of it to begin with lol… I’m trying to push forward though.

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@anon99908839 I think the issue and the possible “bug” is really trying to do things direct which adds a lot of complexity. We were first steered toward make direct buy direct as we had a need for flowing customer requirements to vendors. This complexity of existence came into play and then we learned that material coming in for a job that will start in weeks is already in wip and not in stock. That was not going to work for the owner, so we changed tactics.
Now the converse is also possible in that you can then do everything on the fly sell, buy and produce things that never exist in inventory as a part. Made a master scheduler run from the room when I demoed it, but it was fun.
I was also fired by my first implementation team for insisting we would just learn Epicor and they wanted to custom map to our current process. I next got assigned a one man team from Philly and he and I did the implementation solo.
Coming from my previous package where I had been a var and had access to modify all source to Epicor was a learning experience, but I have not found anything we were not able to work out.

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