Material Request Queue and Warehouse Teams

I am trying to use Get Requests for raw material that we issue to jobs.
I would like the operator to send the get request and have the MES station on our loading dock show the Material Request Queue for only those STK-MTL requests from that warehouse zone.

I was going to use Warehouse Teams hoping it would filter the Material Request Queue, but it does not seem to work, or I am setting it up wrong.

Do warehouse teams only apply to handhelds or fulfillment workbench?

Any guidance on this topic? Not much in the help.

Can you create a personalization with the filters enabled for those two columns? You may also want to create a BAQ with these filters and use this as a BAQ search. This will only pull back those records for those specific filters to load into the grid. Another option could be an updateable BAQ with the specifics needed and the filters applied. You may have to add a button to execute the Process function from the Material Queue. Just some quick ideas for you…

Thanks, Josh. I was noodling through a few other ideas as well.

I guess I was asking for some insight in how the base functionality works. Not much documentation out there and hate to put customizations in when not necessary.

Can anyone walk me through the out-of -the box functionality?