Material return from job into wrong bin. Best way to correct this?


The user who does this usually is on paternity leave… so I am stuck of doing his work with minimum training…:roll_eyes:

We use Silos where we fill them with material. Those silos are known to Epicor as bins of a warehouse. In this case, the silo used was called B200.

I needed to correct the material used on this job, because it was the wrong job number. So I went into material return form to do so.
But I used the wrong bin. Instead of indicating the original bin/silo (B200) where this material was used from, the system used the default bin of the warehouse (called PREM).

So I need to correct this and I am not sure the best way. If I use Inventory transfer, this would not be shown into the job, so we loose a bit of tracability I think.

I tought of using Issue Material form, where I saw a the To and the From… Could I use the right bin (B200) as the TO, and the wrong bin (PREM) as the From ? Would that be the correct way?



Do you have a business reason that you need to have the traceability of what bin it came from? For many businesses, the most important thing is that the bin quantities are accurate. And a transfer does that.

Either way is valid, and Part Transaction History Tracker keeps track of what you’ve done - you can’t hide, each movement is logged!

You could do an Issue Material to the Job, using PREM as the From Warehouse. Then do another Return Material, this time to B200.

Actually it is not the traceability as such, but using the job number into the transactions (withdraw and add material transactions) it is the costing of that material that needs to be ‘traced’ to the job.
Using the Inventory transfer form, there is no job info related, while using Issue material form, there is knowledge of the job…


Since it was the wrong job number applied originally anyway…tracability to that job was no longer important… Using Inventory Transfer was ok to use…:wink:

Thanks all for your input!