Material usage by machine (resource)

Hi all,

Please bear with me since I’m still new to Epicor 10 (2.5 months to be exact). One of my users ask me if it’s possible to create a report for material usage by machines (resources). Anyone can shed some light on this matter?

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Hi @syahzan,

Can you explain how the machine uses Material? In general, the material and resources are linked by job. You could write a BAQ that summed up the material issued to all the jobs and group by resource. Epicor keeps track of which op the material is kitted to, but if it is consumed after that, you will need to use your knowledge of the factory to deduce which of the job ops does the consuming.


Thanks for the heads up Gary, I will look into your idea writing up a BAQ with a few tables in mind such as JobHead, JobOper. JobMtl to see if I can achieve what the management wants.

They way that we set up our jobs is the FG is actually a combination of FG+Packaging Material and this is what the machine (resource) is used for and the sub-assemblies is the actual FG which contains the raw mat used and is not link to a machine as a resource but to a person (human) who is doing the manual job.

So my idea is to get the Job number and link back to the Operation which contains the machine and look into the sub-assemblies to find the materials.