Meaning of DQ source value in BpDirectives table

I’ve created a BAQ to show custom BPMs in my company. I found the BpDirective table and figured out that a source field value of BO is a Method Directive and a source value of DB is a Data Directive. But what is a source value of DQ?

select distinct
when BpDirective.Source = ‘BO’
then ‘Method Directive’
when BpDirective.Source = ‘DB’
then ‘Data Directive’
else ‘’
end) as [Calculated_BPM_Type],
[BpDirective].[Source] as [BpDirective_Source],
[BpDirective].[DirectiveGroup] as [BpDirective_DirectiveGroup],
[BpDirective].[Name] as [BpDirective_Name],
[BpDirective].[BpMethodCode] as [BpDirective_BpMethodCode],
[BpDirective].[DirectiveType] as [BpDirective_DirectiveType],
[BpDirective].[Order] as [BpDirective_Order],
[BpDirective].[IsEnabled] as [BpDirective_IsEnabled],
[BpDirective].[Description] as [BpDirective_Description]
from Ice.BpDirective as BpDirective
where (BpDirective.Name <> ‘##BASE##’)
order by BPM_Type, BpDirective.DirectiveGroup, BpDirective.Name

UBAQ - Updatable BAQ which is custom since you are excluding Base directives.