Menu items - displaying on left side instead of right?!

Last week, for some reason, a handful of users started to see these sub menus popup to the LEFT side of the main menu, instead of the right as shown. Their screen is in the middle of their desktop and there is tons of room to show on the right… why would Epicor start having them popup on the left? I’ve cleared their cache from the homepage and deleted the program data on their client, but still happening… again, only for a few users.

I just tried to reproduce this error, but the only way I could was to move the form to the side of the screen so that it forced the sub-menu to pop out to the left. When I move the form back to normal position, the sub-menu shows on the right as it should.

Check and see if the users have any personalizations saved. If so, try using the “reset layouts to base” option for the form.

Good Luck!

Thanks, but it doesn’t seem to be personalizations… I had the same user log into another computer and that computer displayed the menus properly.

So, I went back to the first and cleared client cache and deleted the c:\programdata folder, but the submenus still displayed on the left (see attached).

I believe there is a windows setting that can affect what side a menu appears on – is the user experiencing this behavior in any other programs?

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Thank you!

In Windows 10, click “run”, then:

(ignore the Tablet PC screen title)
Then, click “other”, then choose the option for the menu to display on the right.


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