Menu Maintenance - Security ID

When adding a new menu item, it seems to be taking the same security ID as the parent menu. So the security is the same. If I want to apply a different security group, how do I go about creating a new Security ID? If I type it in, it will not take it.

I forgot out how now. Didn’t know that from Menu New Security would get me there. Learning new things every day.

It is all in Menu Maintenance… I Always make a new Security ID for anything Custom like a Dashboard… I name my Securities



Thanks. I didn’t know about it until we tried removing profiles and it removed from the “General” folder. Kept looking around, post in here, and found it.


How do you create the new security ID. We did not see an option.



In Menu Maintenance select New–>New Security. It should allow you to create the new security from the “Security” tab. Once done then you assign the correct user/group and assign to the “Security ID” section from the detail tab.


Thank you!!

You can also copy a menu item but leave the field for security ID editable. To do this, go to the Actions menu with the proper menu item highlighted and choose ‘Copy to New Menu’.

Everything will be copied, but the menu ID will be blank and editable. Other fields will be editable as well such as Name and Order Sequence. This is really useful when you want a ‘read only’ version as well as an editable version of the same item.

How do we do this in the Kinetic UI? There is no option for New Security. TIA

Found it; Menu Security Maintenance, then “+” in Kinetic UI Thanks; and Sorry!

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