Menu security, Adding a security group to a top menu, adds it automatically a sub menu


A long time ago, I created a custom menu for all our custom dashboards we were creating…
There is about 20 or so menu items.

I have created a new user whom I want to give access to only 1 or 2 of those menus. I have created a security group for that and was assigning that group to the top menus, then the two menus I wanted the group to access.

Testing the user account to which I added only that user group to. Well he was able to access most of the menu items.!!!

I went back, in menu maintenance, and the new group was added to the menus I did not want the user to access !!! I went to delete the group from that menu, restarted Epicor and now the top menu was no longer available…as if clearing the group on the first menu ,cleared it as well on the top menu…

Weird… so then how can I just assign the new group to only access those 2 menus ?

I am not sure what I am doing wrong…

I will try to create a new sub menu and copy the menus from the other sub…



You need to create a new Security ID for those Dashboards. We create 1 new Security ID per new Dashboard and prefix it with USECXXX we don’t share Security Code’s for the reason of being flexible and making SOX Compliance easier.


I just realized the following:
When I was adding the group to a menu, which had already a security id. This group would have access now, to all menus having that same security ID.

It was the reason the user assigned to that group had access to all the other menus …

So I created a seperate menu with copies of the menus he was having access and setup a security just for that group.

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yes, security is not by Menu ID, ore by Application, but instead the security is applied at the Security ID… you can have the same security ID assigned to many menus or menu options. if you do this, then whatever security you apply is associated to all those items.
This allows us to have the manu option for Customer Maintenance in 8-10 different places, all with the same security ID. When we change the users who have access to it in one place, it applies to them all.
People often take shortcuts and reuse a security id… just be forewarned that this is dangerous.

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