Menu shortcuts in Multi-Site environment

Does setting a Favorite on the main menu include the Site/Plant it was made for?

Or does it just launch the program, for the site/plant currently in focus on the main menu?

For multi-company in E9 the favorite was only for that company, so I would
recommend that different favorite groups are setup to keep them straight.

Not sure about the multi-plant setup off the top of my head for this.


I did a little experimenting, and found the the site/plant is stored with the shortcut.

So for me, making a favorite for “Warehouses” from site “Guthrie” yields a Shortcut named “Warehouses” with the following properties

If I make another shortcut for “Warehouses”, but from another site, it creates a second shortcut with the same name. I’ll have to instruct people to rename the shortcuts, adding the Site ID to the end for clarity. Or like you said, have them make separate Shortcut folders for each site.

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