Merant User's Group meeting

I just got an email about this... I know you are all looking for more meetings to go to. But perhaps this might just help someone with all the ODBC questions going around.

Troy Funte

Liberty Electronics

MERANT is pleased to announce two ways for Users to communicate with each other!

We know that you look to MERANT for our expertise in Enterprise Configuration Management, yet we also realize that a great deal of insight comes from the sharing that occurs between our users. MERANT has millions of Users, using PVCS in a variety of settings, day in and day out. Learn from Users like yourselves how PVCS is used to make change their competitive advantage.

To support that sharing of information among our Users, MERANT provides a variety of ways of communicating with each other and with us:

We will be having User Group meetings in the following cities this Spring:

a.. Chicago Feb. 26
b.. St. Louis: Feb. 28
c.. Boston: March 6
d.. Washington, DC: March 7
e.. Denver: March 13
f.. Orlando: March 14
Come join us for FREE face to face conversations with other MERANT PVCS Users and MERANT technical resources. Hear about the Product Roadmaps and technical tips. Mingle with other Users to hear the secrets of their success! Click here to register for these User Groups.

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If you have any questions, please send them to

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