Merge BAQ column into another BAQ grid on primary key?

I know what I am asking is possible with code, but for simplicity I am wondering is this possible without code?

I have a dashboard which uses a series of pub/sub filters from other queries within it to drive the behavior of the grids.
A new requirement rolled into my lap wherein I had to write a new BAQ with various complexities, and the ultimate output of this is a categorization of a quote records into a “status”.
I’d like to include this status column, from the new BAQ, into this existing dashboard.
Is something like that possible, without code?


I don’t see how it could be possible without code.

Thank you Matthew, I was afraid that is the answer.
The dashboard does have a customization layer built on top of it to add in the required functionality, so in my opinion it’s already a brittle solution. It makes me nervous to add more to it to accomplish this task.

Really what would be best is to build the logic into the original BAQ that I am displaying/reading, but I would also hate to have the complex BAQ logic in now more than 1 place. I do suppose that’s easier and safer though

you could theoretically add the new query as a subscriber to the old query… have the old query publish info… then only display that one status field when you click on the publishing record. The data would not be in every row, but your user could see that status by clicking.

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I did play around with that and it worked but I do need it for each row unfortunately:/

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I think I also know this answer, but is there a way to reference an existing baq inside another? Or perhaps get a sql view inside a non-external baq? Please? :sob:

I did something like this a long time ago in E9. Since we didn’t have sub-queries. Created a data view in the sql database. Then I think it was an external BAQ to be able to reference that view. Man that was a long time ago.

This post may not be helpful

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