Merge Sites

Hi, We wanted to merge two sites in to one, but there are still some open jobs in the second site, how do we transfer jobs?
can we just change the job site location? or we need to close all these jobs and open new jobs in first site? And how about the WIP, will it also be transferred if i change job site?
Does anyone like sharing some opinion and experience?
Thanks in advanced.

that is a tough one… really cannot change a job’s parent site. BUT you can transfer the WIP via a job-to-job transfer. Not sure if it is worth the work. You would need to create a new job in the new site, and put a material demand which will be met by a transfer order… then move the wip in the old site into the transfer order, and receive it back to the main site. (I have not tested this out for changing wip locations). the new site would not have anything at this point except the accrued wip costs up to that point.
Possibly easier would be to create the new job in the new site… get details as normal, and then adjust in the issued material, and completed WIP via job Adjustments. Then close out the old job short.