MES access to Qualified Manufacturer info

Is there any way for MES users to be able to look up the Qualified manufacturer for a part? This would be helpful on the production floor but it doesn’t appear that they can access via Part Tracker in MES.

From MES, you can get to any dashboard you create. Either directly link to it, or you can add your own dashboards to the open-with menus (the term is “Context menu”). So that might be an option.

But… what version of MES? Gray or white?

  • White (Kinetic), they could just search for the dashboard like the normal UI.
  • Gray (Classic), you have to either do the context menu or add buttons or just make a new sheet entirely.

Edit: Or, customize Part Tracker. That’s kind of bloated already, though.

We are using the grey MES. We’re on 10.2.600 currently…I’m trying to finish testing so that we can move to 10.2.700 but well… easier said than done. So I guess we will be with the grey version for awhile - I don’t think I’m ready to jump to Kinetic

Wanted to update that I was able to get a BAQ that I did for the Qualified Mfg p/n onto the MES screen for the shop floor! I was pretty proud of that accomplishment since it was slightly harder than it should have been – likely due to the 47 interruptions per hour while I was trying to finish.

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You’re unstoppable now.

Right? I know enough to be REALLY dangerous! :smiley:

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