MES - Clock In/Out not matching reported Labor Hrs

This is coming from a BAQ set up to report Labor Transactions. I started noticing that sometimes the labor minutes (column U) which is calculated by labor hrs (column T) * 60 didn’t seem to match up with the difference (col. X) between the “In Minute” (col. V) and “Out Minute” (col. W) that’s pulled from the MES labor transactions. Even with taking into account some tolerance with rounding errors there’s still a decent amount of errors.

I trust the In/Out Mins so why is the labor hrs sometimes wrong. What number could that be pulling from?


What do your shifts look like? Do you have breaks / lunch in them? The first error (10:26 - 13:30) only shows 2.57 hrs but by the clock it would be 3.07. The in out minutes are off by 30, maybe your lunch period.


Yep, that’s exactly it! Thanks Chris! We have our production workers clocking out for lunch and then clocking back in afterwards so I’m going to uncheck that box.

Other than making it so that production workers don’t have to worry about clocking out/back in with lunch, is there any benefit of the setup with the lunch?