MES Customization - Suppress Auto-populate


Good afternoon!

It’s been some time since I’ve messed with E10’s MES module, but have a request to customize the behavior when “Start Production Activity” is selected.

At this time, when the User makes this selection, they are prompted to enter the appropriate Job/Assembly and Operation. The Resource ID/Group/Operations fields then auto-populate based on the details established when the Job was created (as I understand it).

The request is to suppress this auto-population of the Resource ID/Group and Operation, and instead force the user to enter the Resource ID each time. I’m not sure this is a great idea, but want to see what would be involved if they choose to move forward with this.

If this is easily done, what would be the steps? Also, what would be negative consequences (other than logging labor to an incorrect resource) to caution against?


Post Processing BPM on Erp.BO.Labor.DefaultOprSeq

foreach(var ld in ds.LaborDtl)
    ld.ResourceID = "";
    ld.ResourceGrpID = "";
    ld.ResourceGrpDescription = "";
    ld.OpCodeOpDesc = "";
    ld.MachineDescription = "";

If Resource ID is not enabled on the screen: (Probably another way)
Post Processing BPM on Erp.BO.Labor.StartActivityByEmp

foreach(var ld in ds.LaborDtl)
    //ld.OkToChangeResourceGrpID = true; //??
    ld.EnableResourceGrpID = true;