MES/DC - notifications in a browser

We are on 2022.2.8 (on-prem) and trying to use MES/DC only in a browser on the shop floor. It… ‘mostly’ works for us but I have been asked if we can show Operation comments (if they exist for that Op) to the employee when they start an operation for either Setup or Production. Does anyone have any tips/tricks/ideas for the best way to display comments to catch the attention of the employee using a browser for Kinetic? Thanks!


Please excuse me as trying to write this from my mobile but the general gist would be:

Use the dev tools to check what event runs when you change the opr seq. I guess will be something like Event: ChangeOprSeq.

Then In application studio…

Create your custom layer
Add a dataview JobOper
Add a custom event with the trigger after change opr seq event then call a rest service to JobOperSearch using the jobNum , assemblySeq and oprSeq. Then parse the results from this rest call back in into the JobOper dataview.
Thereafter you should be good to bind in a text box to the ui using either JobOper.CommentText / JobOper.OpInstructions.