MES Menu MFG Receipts application issues

We use the MFG Receipts application in the MES to record production and print labels. We’re having an issue with new parts, that were recently added in Epicor, during the process of recording production.

In MFG Receipts, we enter the job number and hit tab to automatically pull in the part information, then as soon as we enter a ‘Good Quantity’ and tab off the field, an inventory transaction occurs and a label prints. The resulting inventory can be viewed in the Quantity Adjustment application and the default value in the Lot Number field is always the Job number. This is occurring before we have the chance to complete the form by adding a lot number and choosing the proper bin.

I can’t figure out why it’s only occurring with new parts. This doesn’t happen with parts that we’ve been running for years.

Has anyone else had this issue and how do I narrow it down?

I have some more information. This anomaly occurs only immediately after we perform the Start Production/End Activity procedure. If we skip Start Production/End Activity, everything works normally and we don’t get inadvertent inventory adjustments or labels printing.

Once again, this is only happening with newer parts that were recently created.

I found the answer after comparing fields in Job Entry between jobs created for the old parts and jobs created for the new parts. Under Job Details > Operations > Detail tabs, there is a check box in the lower right corner of the screen called Auto Receive. When this check box is selected, an inventory transaction is automatically created when a Labor Detail transaction is initiated. The labor detail transaction that was causing the issue was when the End Activity process was completed. After a quantity is entered in the End Activity application and the OK button is pressed, the inventory transaction is automatically created. The labels were printing because we set up our labels to print after there is an update to PartBin OnHandQty.