MES Pop-up notification? BPM?


Do you know if there is a way to set a notification or pop-up message upon a user clocking into MES? The supervisor would like to set a “Come see me note” at will. I could code a BPM that is only valid for specific date and user, but other than that I didn’t know any other options.

You could handle this in a BPM or handle the before or after adapter method in a customization. Should it happen before or after the actual clock in happens?

You could create a supervisor screen that saves records to a UD table with the note details, userid, and a checkbox called “recievedmessage”. Create a BPM that after the user clocks in that checks the ud table for any records with their userid and a note with the recievedmessage set to false. Once the messagebox prompts, set the field to true.

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Ooooh that sounds nice. I might try that.

Hoping for built-in functionality though.

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Could this work with Global Alerts? haven’t used these but heard talks about them. Looks like you define a process to attach it to, then Epicor will send an email.


Not a messagebox, but its something.

I’m building something right now along these lines. I’ll do a write-up later if it works out.
Thanks for the idea!

Still struggling with a few things. Getting closer.