MES Quantity Reporting / Completion Of A Part Quantity

Can anyone offer some advice on the use of quantity reporting within
MES please...?

One of our jobs has a quantity of 100pcs. We have completed 50pcs
through the first labour operation and we now wish to move this on to
the next operation.

Reading the help I had assumed that the quantity reporting would have
taken care of this, however this appears not to be the case. Whilst
Vantage does recognise that 50pcs have been "reported" it sees none as
having completed the operation ?? ( at least the job tracker does not
acknowledge any complete quantity )

Currently our Supervisors are the only people allowed to complete a
process, but they are not logged on to the job via MES so the
production operators do not acknowledge the move as part of the end
activity process.

What is the easiest way for a Supervisor to move a part quantity on the
next operation ??

Many thanks,