MES - Start/ End Activity Taking Too Long for final operation


Typically, my bill of operations include approximately 10 operations, with the final operations having serial numbers against it.

Starting and ending activity on all operations prior to final operation complete in less than a second, however, the final operation is taking in excess of 30 seconds.

It seems to be the Labor.Update method that is taking the time.

There are no method directives on the above method and no data directives on the laborhed or labordtl tables.

Also, there are no form customizations on either the ‘Start Activity’ or End Activity’.

Has anyone seen this before and have any ideas how to solve it?

Could it be to do with serial numbers as this has not always been an issue and seems to be getting worse as the number of serial issued overall increases?



When was the last time the operator CLOCKED OUT of MES?

Clocked Out, not logged out.

Sometimes if an operator has been clocked in for a long time, it can cause delays entering labor transactions.



Thanks for the idea, but it is the same for any user, even one who has just clocked in and logged onto the job.



Have you rebuilt indexes lately? Could be you need some DB maintenance.

Yes - there is a maintenance plan that runs every week.

Thanks for the input.



How many serialized parts are on your job? It COULD be that the system is changing the status of the serial numbers. Maybe look at one of those serial numbers before/after you complete the last operation to see if that is the case. Also… are you doing lower level serial tracking (serial inside another serial?) that could add to the complications.


Typically, it is for 1000 units, but it can vary and no lower level serial tracking.

The odd thing is that there is still lengthy delays even when I don’t complete any units on the job, so I wouldn’t expect any changes to the serial numbers.

However, maybe it is checking the serial numbers anyway?

Ahh… 1000 serial updates… possibly could be the slowdown. If you find that it is the serial numbers causing this, you might want to report it to tech support. They might find that there is an unnecessary performance hit with serial numbers.

Thanks - its been getting steadily slower over the four years since go live. It wasn’t an issue in the beginning, but is becoming a pretty significant one now.

I’ve raised a call with Epicor and will update with the response.