Message ID Counter

Does anyone have any understanding on the inner workings of Payment Message ID Counter? I’m using a field on the bankacct as a counter for a file transfer and came across the payment message id counter as an assignment to bankacct and the UI. It looks like this doesn’t auto increment during payments through the bank, and there’s not a method that does the sequence++. The counter value isn’t readily available through normal visible channels during payment while linked to the bank.

I’m straddling E9 and E10 for this, and also noticed that the main sequence field changes from Number01 to Sequence between versions, so I’m a little hesitant to jumping into using it over BankAcct.Number01. I can see the value of having one incrementer across multiple bank accounts, but that’s not my particular use case.

Hiya Joseph, I got no answers, I just thought it was funny that I just ran into the same question. I also cannot find any documentation about the usage of the Message ID Counter. Let this serve as a BUMP

Since I wrote this, I started using this table all the time as a shared sequencer between multiple Bank accounts. However, I am not using any incrementer method.

My assumption is that it auto incs every time a payment is processed. Is that accurate?

Nope - it doesn’t get touched, nor is it directly accessible from within the generic payment objects.