Metro Detroit Area Help

We are looking for a company in the metro Detroit area to observe for purposes of research that is using Epicor version 10. We migrated from version 6 to version 9 about four years ago and since have had significant issues particularly in the financial modules and extracting data (reporting). Many of the cases we log with Epicor support end with the suggestion to upgrade to version 10 and all will be solved. However, we are highly skeptical and have reached the point where we would have to upgrade our servers in order to upgrade to the newer version. Before we commit the funds and manpower to a project of that magnitude,we would greatly appreciate the courtesy of another user company allowing us to observe their operations for a short time in order to gain info that would help us to make decisions for our next step. If anyone in this group would be willing to extend that courtesy, please message me directly.

Can you send me your contract information? I can get you in touch with a few different Detroit area customers using both 9 and 10 who are very knowledgeable.

I’d rather not put their information up on the forums

Laynie Veitch
Osco, Inc.
(248) 852-7310

Thank you, Andrew!

Hi Me and @Mark_Wonsil are from Michigan… So is @andrew.johnson and @jdewitt6029

Yes sir I am, the Grand Rapids side of Michigan. So is my colleague @utaylor . We will also both be at Insights in a couple of months if you would meet up then we are good for it. We have gone from 9 to 10.1 and then recently to 12.2.200.

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