MFG-CUS transaction costs not carrying to invoicing

No better way to start a Monday than ask a question that continues to happen, but can’t recreate it. :slight_smile:

So I will ask the question in a different manner,

What is the proper sequence of events that will properly move costs when shipping from a job (MFG-CUS) so that the costs carry over to invoicing.

Everything is a timing issue within Epicor, but this one either has too many hands in the cookie jar, or a sequence of errors.

The “current” solutions consist of and/or all of the following, but not in any particular order…or at least not that anyone can tell me:

  • Unship/Unstage a pack, delete pack line, restage/reship pack
  • Opening/Closing a job, refreshing AR Invoice Batch Entry in Margin tab
  • Remove from current batch, re-enter in another batch
  • Running WIP/Reconciliation

There has to be a simple solution in there somewhere with the right timing of when things need to be processed. I’m just in search of someone to help put me in order.

Thank you!!

Did you make sure the job material was issued and the operation was completed before the job was completed and made available for shipping.

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Hi Richard,
Yeah, we actually have some BPM checks to make sure material, labor, subcontracts are not forgotten.
All of the transactions are in the jobs, they just don’t carry over to the invoicing. There is a timing issue I think between the shipping, the closing of the job, and invoicing.

Yeah, the job does not need to be closed until after the shipment. Is it being manually closed?

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No, the job stays open. I don’t get it. There are just times where we have to back out a shipment in order for the costs to “catch” and get pulled into the invoice.

Sometimes they just take it out of a batch and bring it back into a new batch and then it grabs it.