MFG Lead Time Calc - C.T.P

Via Production > Engineering > Gen Op’s execution of the utility… MFG Lead Time Calculation
the expected intent is for the MOM to be evaluated to load lead-time on the
Part Master > Sites > Planning (MFG lead time ~ area)

It is understood that using the manual check-box, the generated number from EPICOR per running the process can be overridden. Since the Epi-calc is vanilla (lite per # of days) in comparison to real-world requirements, we were going to use the Epi-calc… then increase by a percentage thru SQL and chk the Manual box at the same time.
But if EPICOR is calc-ing zeros… that plan has a falt!

At Issue: After processing and evaluating a number of parts there is inconsistency in results of data load per the CALC-data-fields.
Per 5000 +/- parts manufactured… less than 45% have data loaded per the Cumulative calc field and This level calc.

There are two primary prod-groups… 60-40% split. Ran process separately per PG and reviewed LOG File. While there are a few quick-turn-around parts for split-rings and O-rings(and the Epicor process does a VANILLA explosion of the MOM) the results should not generate 0 days to manufacture a part… especially when RAW MAT has 5-7 day lead times. We will make thousands of component parts, but majority of other top-level parts require 10-20 hours of CNC set-up…
The irregularity is that similar parts (per MOM comparison) result in some parts with 0 calc and others with 10 days.


Any feedback as to ‘known issues’ or explanations.