Mfg Lead Time Calculation not working?

Epicor 9.05.701

For this part the mfg lead time calculation doesn’t seem to work…

Top Level HEP4NFN is made up of 3 parts…this extract is from the BOM listing:

The first material part, H101E01 has a lead time of 2, without even considering the other 2 parts…yet the top level part shows this:

I’ve checked to see if the calculation ran without errors and it had the status “completed”.

Anyone else seen anything like this?
Is it a tick box that is not ticked maybe?

Thanks in advance.

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We are having the same issue in E10.

Hi Kimberley
I’ve logged it with epicor support to see if they can shed some light on it.

We have a ticket logged too but we are on If you hear anything let me know and I will do the same.

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So we heard you need to check the “Constrained Materials” check box for the longest lead time part in the BOM. In my opinion that is crazy. Our BOM’s constantly change and so do lead times. Right now for us they will be better off manually setting the Lead Time for our top level part.

Have you heard anything?

I’m still awaiting a reply. Our ticket has been assigned to a consultant… I will keep you posted

My reply from epicor support:

Hi Mark,
I am not sure what parameters you have selected to calculate the Manufacturing Lead time. Here is some information that might be of help:

Manufacturing Lead Time is the elapsed time from when production begins on a quantity to when the quantity is considered complete on the costing lot. This time includes how long it takes to acquire any constrained materials for the current assembly and how long it takes to manufacture subassemblies needed to create the current part. You can use the Manufacturing Lead Time Calculation process to automatically calculate lead time values; this process considers all the variables for manufacturing the complete part from beginning to end. However, you can override these calculated values and enter the number of days as an exception value.

Enter a Cumulative Time value. This value is the sum of the manufacturing lead time plus the material lead time. It incorporates the lead time of the longest constrained material requirement found on any of the sub-assemblies.

Enter a This Level Time value. This value is the time required to build the job cost quantity of the part; it assumes the required materials are available.

Plan as Assembly – Select this check box to indicate this material requirement is fulfilled from stock, but if not enough stock is available during the manufacturing lead time, it will be planned as a subassembly by the MRP process.

You can use the Manufacturing Lead Time Calculation process to calculate the manufacturing lead time for a single part, all parts, product group, or plant. Manufacturing lead time is the elapsed time from when production begins on a quantity to when the quantity is considered complete on the costing lot.

Menu Path: Production Management > Engineering > General Operations > Mfg Lead Time Calculation
To set up this process:

  1. Review the processing options. The As of Date defaults to today’s date. It defines the effective date of the revision.
  2. Click the Product Code drop-down list to select a product group.
  3. Click the Filter tab to specify parts and sites for processing. Individual parts can be selected. The plant defaults to the current plant but can also be changed to include multiple sites.
  4. To run the calculation, click Process on the Standard toolbar.

When the process starts, rough cut scheduling is used to calculate the lead time (in days) for the Costing Lot Size specified by the part planning parameters. Rough cut scheduling uses the Need By Dates and Lead Time Values on each material and operation to calculate how much time is required for each job to finish
its operations and gather its materials.

You can view the calculation values within Part Maintenance on the Parts > Sites > Planning sheet.
Within the Manufacturing Lead Time section, review the lead time fields. These values are either calculated by a process or entered manually. You directly enter these values by selecting the Manual check box.
• The Cumulative Lead Time field displays the lead time of the longest constrained material requirement(s) on all sub assemblies below the main parent assembly.
• This Level Time displays the time required to build the job cost quantity of the part. This value assumes all of the materials required for the assembly are available.

Thank you
Best Regards

Our “constrained material” is already checked and still get same results. :frowning:

thanks, I am not sure what he said was helpful for us. Except I am not sure if they are using plan as assembly I think they are. I know we have everything else set up the flags in Company and running Calc Mfg Process. Keep me posted and if I find more from our testing I will let you know.

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Hi @Rowley150 and @kimberley.

Did you ever find a solution to this?

We are having issues where selecting/de-selecting constrained material does not impact job start date.



no we just decided to use the manual override.

i’ve logged it with epicor support and still awaiting a response.

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keep me posted. We are 10.2.300.10 and it doesn’t work there either.

will do.
Its been logged nearly 2 weeks and i’ve heard nothing.

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The issue in our environment has been resolved. Not sure if the configuration is the same but in order to have the job schedule and honour constrained materials we had to change MRP to run with “Run Finite Scheduling during MRP Calculation”, “Sort Level 0 MRP Jobs by Date” and “Use production preparation buffer”. “Number of MRP Processes” and “Number of Schedulers” were set to 2.

We also had to set the “Split Operations” checkbox on the Resources.

Here are the settings i use, Note you have to mark a part as a constrained Materiel ( In Part Maint) for the scheduling engine to consider the lead-time ( except when the items is purchase non-stock it will use lead-time by default, unless Ignore Constrained Materials is selected in MRP)

this is a real headache…ours was permanently on 6 days mfg lead time for a part which we knew was wrong…i drilled down to one of the items in the BOM which itself was above 6, went to part entry unticked “constrained materials”, saved…then ticked it again and resaved.
Then re-ran mfg lead time calc…and hey presto its now more than 6 days!!!
So, its almost like the part was visible as ticked, but the database itself wasn’t? if that makes sense?

Link to my similar post with additional info

No resources are available to schedule operation 10 of assembly 24