Minimum and maximum purchase price for each part

Hello everyone,
I need to find the minimum and maximum purchase prices for each part.
I don’t think it’s on the regular menu, can I make it with BAQ?
Can you tell me how to make this BAQ?
Thank you in advance!

You could do a BAQ on Parts with a Subquery on PODetail that groups by part number with columns for max and min on purchaseprice. This is a query that is similar to what you want, but you would do the max calculation on the unitcost field (or docunitcost) and also add a min one on it.


Thanks for the detailed example. But, I’m a very BAQ beginner. I have created a subquery, but I don’t know how to link it. Could you tell me how?

Click this button and add the subquery that you want. After that link it to the table.

Brian shows above …once you click the subquery icon it will show you all sub queries and you just treat it like another table… Also, I assume you don’t need most of the other tables in this query - ie. you probably just need the part table ( I just pulled one we had set up ) …so would make sense to remove these unless you need the data in them on the BAQ

Thank you. With your help, my BQA skills have improved a bit.

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