Misc Shipment Entry

We are proposing using “miscellaneous shipment entry” for generating / monitoring our loan stock…(so basically stock that we haven’t sold, we still own it but loan it out to customers).

Is there a way of generating an automated number for each misc shipment entry produced?..I notice there is a “legal number”…it would be useful if we could edit this…prefix it with LOA-0001 etc.

Many thanks in advance.

You can do it with a BPM

Would you be so kind as to guide me through it?
Thank you

So I just checked and the Misc Shipment Number is an integer so you won’t be able to prefix it with anything.
However in this method, you can do a Post Processing BPM

	<localTime>1/23/2017 09:09:13:5762719 AM</localTime>
		<parameter name='ds' type='MiscShipDataSet' ><MiscShipDataSet xmlns="http://www.epicor.com/Mfg/100/BO.MiscShip/MiscShip" /></parameter>

To set it to a specific number if you’d like.

Thanks Jose - appreciated.