Miscellanous Charges - OSP Certs, One Time Setup, etc

We are looking to capture and charge miscellaneous charges from OSP suppliers (outside processing…plating, heat treat, painting, etc…) for certs, one time setup, etc…that are not included in the piece part price to individual jobs. We are currently using miscellaneous charges however, they do not get charged to the individual job and as a result we are not getting accurate job costing.

Thank you,
Dave Miller

You can link a Misc charge to a Job Operation. This will include the Misc charge as part of the job costs.

AP would need to match that when the invoice is entered to link it to the Job. I have seen this done for miscellaneous installation expenses that need to be put back to the job.

However, I would first try to setting a PO Line Misc charge on the subcontract line item to see if that shows up as a job cost.

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Thank you for the idea Brad. Not ideal however, it should do the trick. We have tried Misc. Charges on the PO but they do not tie back to the job.