[Moderators] Files and "Me, too" mail

Greetings from your friendly list moderators!!

Yesterday, we made some changes to the FILES area on the Yahoo! Groups page.
Files are now sorted into folders in the hopes that it will be easier to
find the file you are looking for. Check it out when you have a minute!

Yahoo! gives us 20MB of space to store files, and fortunately most of the
files we have uploaded so far are relatively small so we still have a fair
amount of room to work with. If everyone is careful about the size of files
they upload then we should be fine for quite a while.

We encourage anyone who has files they are willing to share to go ahead and
upload them to the Files area rather than offer to send them to anyone who
is interested. ** The list has been flooded with lots of "me, too" messages
in the last couple of weeks and its pretty annoying to wade through all
those messages to find the jewels we're all looking for.

If you want to respond to an individual rather than the whole list, you need
to do a little "cut and paste" to get there but its not hard. I use Outlook
and here's how I get email to go back to the individual rather than the

1. With the original message highlighted, hit the Reply button on the
2. This automatically puts the Yahoo! list address in the To: box - NOT
what we want.
3. Delete this address from the To: box.
4. Look down in the body of the message on the line that says "From:" You
see text that says: "[mailto:somebody@...]".
5. Highlight the text following the colon all the way to just before the
closing bracket.
6. You can now use the Copy button on the toolbar or use the keys Ctrl-C
to copy that text.
7. Move the cursor back to the To: box.
8. Use the Paste button on the toolbar or use the keys Ctrl-V to paste the

That's it!

Everyone can probably appreciate getting less junk mail and with your help
we can keep this list as valuable as possible.

Vantage List Moderators
Mike England
Todd Anderson
Steve Sanders