Monthly Sales report for SalesRep

Hey, all!

OK...earlier this week, I posted that I needed some help with my first
Report Builder report. David Kaufman has given me some wonderful help and I
am much appreciative.

However, my first month is over today and I've been all week trying to
create this report. Does anyone have anything similar that they would be
willing to share???? My back is up against the wall because we need to run
this report by Monday.

Here's the scenario. I need to create a report which will sort by
salesperson by state with each salesperson starting a new page. For each
group, I need to list the company and the net invoice amount (sales less
credits) NOT INCLUDING any misc charges. That is where I run into the
problem. I have everything else working except for the company amount.
When I link InvcHead with InvcDtl in order to have access to
TotalMiscCharges, the report starts listing as many lines per invoice as
there are invoices. For example, say the company had 7 invoices/credits for
the month. The report starts listing 7 lines for each of the 7 invoices.
I'm not really sure where it is pulling the amounts even! It's not the same
amount on each line.

So...I'm begging for help! :) I sure appreciate it. If anyone can help,
could you please copy my personal email address? We are having some issues
with the company which hosts our email and messages don't come as quickly as
I'd like some times (if you know what I mean!) My personal address is

Thanks all!! I'll be anxiously awaiting some ideas/help/etc from any and

Tricia Simon
Riten Industries