Move Operations to new Plant

Can you move existing Operations to a new Plant? Could you do this with DMT and just make sure there are no job links (open Jobs)?

Thanks Kim

Do you mean master file operations in Epicor or your entire operation to a new location?


Master File Operations. We are creating a 2nd plant and the operations in the old plant need to be in the new plant.

Most of these need to go to new plant.

Okay, thanks. Operations are not plant specific so they will all be available to use in either plant. The resource groups and resources ARE plant specific so once they are all setup in the new plant you can attach what ever operations you want to the new plant resources and should be all set to go.


Oh, I thought Operations were. Because I see a check box that says Allow in current plant. When I open Operations in the new plant that check box is not checked.

you can see in the previous screen shot it is checked but in this new plant they are not.

When I create a job and add an operation. I have none to select from.

The only thing that will show up in that drop down box are operations currently tied to plant-centric resource groups.

Add a resource group from the new plant to the operation and retry that dropdown list.



I do have one assigned. But I am not following you and I am not sure you are following me. If they are not plant specific then I would think the operation would be available to use in the new plant. It is not.

It will be available if you connect a primary resource to it. This has to be a resource group or a resource in the new plant. The tab I displayed above is where this happens. When you connect a primary resource or resource group to the operation in the new plant, the operation will be available in the dropdown box in the jobs of the new plant. Take a look at the old plant operations and see how you have them configured. Or, post a pic of what your resource group, resource and capabilities tabs look like on the operations in the new plant.


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ok I am following you now and I tested and seems to work. So we can share operations across plants as long as we assign the correct Resource to it?