Move Product Configurator from TEST to PILOT

I’m currently in the upgrade process. I had our single Product Configurator redeveloped in our E10 Test Environment. I now need to move it to our Pilot Environment for our Pilot. I am a Configurator Dummy, but I looked in obvious areas (Solutions Workbench, Configurator Mgmt, etc) and do not see anyway to Export / Import.

Can anyone nudge me in the right direction? TYIA.


Configurator Entry, ACTIONS, there is an Export function and an Import function.


ALSO NOTE: that if you did ANY BOM changes to accommodate the configurator, you will need those BOM changes moved into your Pilot environment… these will NOT move as part of the configurator. They must be done in advance of importing the configurator. The Material Seq and Operation seq must be identical.

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Thanks @timshuwy. I had looked in Configurator Designer and not Entry… Well that was simple. haha. Thanks again.

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@timshuwy Must I also do a “Regenerate Configurations” after Import into the Pilot environment?

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Thanks, Calvin!

A couple of things to note before importing in to the new environment, first create a new configurator with the same name. I believe the part also has to exist. Then when you do the import it overwrites the configurator data that is there.
You’ll also want the configurator to un-approved on both the export and the import.

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Good tips, also – thank you. I think I got it now. I also had to bring over 2 BAQ queries that supported look-ups, I assume.