Moving a Service Connect WF from Test to Live

What’s the secret to moving a work flow that worked in test over to Live?
I re-imported the .NET references to be the Live ones and ran a test.
The WF completes in the Inbound Messages, but it doesn’t add anything in the Live system.

I would backup the connectivity node in test then restore to live. bearing in mind, to select only the required items for the backup solution. when restoring to live, you can rename or refactor. don’t forget your input / output channels, message maps etc as well as updating .net references.

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@hmwillett, hopefully you have two separate SC environments? One Test and one Live. Cause I would think re-importing .NET references into one single environment would be very dangerous… :sweat_smile:

I agree with @kjavid , I backup All or a Single Workflow set (Messsage Type, Message Sender, Message Map, Workflow, etc.) from the Connectivity node in Test and Restore it to Live. I’ve found it’s always good to open the Workflow after you restore it and check a couple of Conversion Nodes to make sure the links look okay and nothing seems obviously broken.

When you look at the Inbound Message - Activity Progress in more detail and click on each node to follow the data, do you see the appropriate records being pulled into each Workflow node and can you follow the progress of it to completion? Can you test some data that can only be found in Live? Just be leery, the Inbound messages Processing Status(es) can often give you false hope… :wink:

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Got it.
Thanks guys.

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Most important if you have any process variables that reference test. Change them, in particular if you have any db operations as functions in convertions.