Moving from Epicor ERP to P21

It was brought up in conversation that with another acquisition we are making that they are on P21. I was asked my thoughts about moving to the product. I made the comment this would be the same process as moving to any ERP solution. We are mostly a distribution company with little job creation. Job creation is mostly in the form of assemblies for some products so we use the job instead of creation 80K kits. We do not ‘make’ anything directly any more.

we had purchased ECM (Docstar), Quickship and 1 EDI source. We would look at a SaaS model as we have reduced out footprint. My CFO was told that have a replacement for Tableau. I think what she means in they must have EDA. I don’t see it per say as replacement but a solution. There is a confusion on Tableau and the data warehouse behind it (working on that understanding).

So questions that I would have is what would we be gaining and losing by making this move.
Anyone have some experience in moving between products?


I’m curious about this too. While the core ERP base is pure Epicor (ground up dev), P21 was part of a merger/acquisition of an existing product, as I understand it… and is why all the EpicCare etc is silo’d separately from the ERP base. Even the UX/UI is different from the Kinetic movement as well.

Thus, I wouldn’t expect this to be a straight migration at all. I wonder if the two will ever “merge” and share a common API/REST base on the extended roadmap.

That would be interesting if the did that Jeff. As for us right now its off the table as the company we are looking at to purchase is not using it, but was looking into it, so I was misinformed.

There are aspects I like form what I seen about P21 so lets see