Moving Resources to new Resource Group

I am trying to move resources from their current resource group to a new one. I am running into the following issue after I deactivate the resource group they are currently in:
How do I get past that error message?

@dgreenEA Are there any helpful details if you click detail? Do you have server log tracking on?

We have a lot of resources that we moved to an inactive resource group with zero hours of capacity since we could not delete them.

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There’s a “Move Resource…” button in Resource Group entry on the Resource tab. This lets you transfer a resource to another group without having to delete or inactivate it. When we’ve had to move resources, we leave both groups active, use Move Resource, then inactivate resources and groups as necessary.

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@tsmith and @gpayne,

Thanks for the help guys! I Ended up having to set the schedules on the new resource groups to be the same as the old ones then the Move Resource function worked without the error.

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