MPS not creating Jobs

We are using the MPS Entry and we see the demand but it is not creating jobs.

We are not using forecasting and I see in the MRP Tech guide that is will over-ride forecast and use MPS

Any suggestions?

Thanks Kim
The MPS is not creating all jobs reqd.docx (2.8 MB)

Could the exception of Direct be why we are not seeing the jobs being created.

Kim do you see the MPS Demand in Time Phase?

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Yes. I am running a test now in our DEV environment. I created a new MPS demand and I am running MRP Net see if i can see the demand and if it creates a job.

Here is a past MPS Demand…we deleted now.

So i just got off the phone with Epicor and this is a known issue. They said the first MPS will be consumed but a job before it. So a dummy MPS must be created then the real MPS deamand will create jobs. It is fixed in Epicor 10 under company config and MRP to check a check box to allow MRP to create MPS jobs.