MRP Issue with 'Get Details from Quote'

We are looking to schedule what we consider ‘Not in Production’ orders. For this, the SO lines are marked ‘Make Direct’, the order lines have been pulled from an engineered quote, but they do not yet have a finalized MOM so the part is not approved.

To try and get these parts on the schedule we’re running MRP with ‘Get Details from Quote’ as a Net Change directly after running a regular regenerative MRP. The problem is that all of the parts I described above are not getting jobs created for them. To get them on the schedule we are having to specifically filter on the parts and then run the ‘Get Details from Quote’ MRP; only then are jobs created.

Is this intended functionality or am I missing a step? It seems strange to me that we have to filter on those parts and they aren’t picked up automatically without the filter.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions and thanks in advance for the help!