MRP issues

We are getting signals to build items when inventory is not needed. We do not know what is driving these signals. I’ve attached a print out of the example. Can someone help?20190321132550209.pdf (471.0 KB)

Are your Sales Orders for 1400 marked as Make Direct ?

I was just starring at the file. That is a great thought for sure. @tbarabash. Can you check those Sales orders? The totals seem to match up for sure. I will wait on that answer before asking for additional details I was about to request screen shots for.

Direct would be my thought too, but usually it is 1 release 1 job.

I will check.

What I have our users do to get the whole store Epicor is proposing is to open the on screen time phase and make sure suggestions is checked. We will get 2 sometimes 3 actions that are balanced by the new job.

Have you run MRP in full logging mode and searched for the part?

If so, what is the log file telling you?