MRP Job Exception Report or Error Log

I am interested to see if anyone has a way to view “failed” attempts at creating a job during an MRP process. Currently, the only way I have is to open the logs and Ctrl + F certain keywords like “not found” or “error”, etc. Is there anything neater/easier? Maybe a utility that could run after MRP completes and scan through the logs and then only log the relevant lines to a seperate “Error Log”?

The Planning Workbench (NOT the Production Planner Workbench!) will show “New” and “Change” suggestions for jobs similarly to PO Suggestions. If a “New” job is suggested there, then MRP didn’t create one for some reason. It doesn’t tell you why, but it does tell you it’s needed.

For instance, mine has a New suggestion for a part, and when I go to create a job, it creates the Job… but there is no revision for the part so I basically have a blank jobhead record with no ops or materials.


I’ll be putting this to the test today :slight_smile: I have an Excel spreadsheet of failed jobs that I just spend a half hour generating haha.

Some early feedback that I have yet to make sense of… Only 3 items in my list that I made showed up on the New Job Suggestions… There were quite a few other things that did not make my list (14 part numbers) as well as quite a few on my list that didn’t show up in the New Job Suggestions (13 part numbers). So now I need to try to understand what shows up where and why.

Planning Workbench is site specific. So I wasn’t seeing the jobs from the other sites. That explains the ones that I had on my list from MRP logs that were not showing up. I still need to figure out why there are ones that show up in Planning Workbench but didn’t show up in the MRP logs.