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On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 15:03:53 -0000
"ksimon8fw" <ksimon@...> wrote:
Giving this a bump...

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> I'm writing some code to add a misc charge to a sales
>order based on data sitting in a UD table. I've written
>code before that adds records to a UD table without a
>problem, but for some reason, can't get this code to work.
> If anyone has done anything similar and would like to
>share that cod, or if you see what I'm doing wrong, it
>would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Kevin
> Here's a snippet of what I'm doing(code is in C#):
> // Get the sales order
> SalesOrderAdapter adOrd = new
> adOrd.BOConnect();
> adOrd.GetByID(MOrderNum);
> // Get a new Misc Charge Record
> adOrd.GetNewOHOrderMsc(MOrderNum, 0);
> // Set Misc Charge fields
> adOrd.SalesOrderData.Tables["OrderMsc"].Rows[0]["MiscCode"]
>= MChgCode;
> adOrd.SalesOrderData.Tables["OrderMsc"].Rows[0]["Description"]
>= MDesc;
> adOrd.SalesOrderData.Tables["OrderMsc"].Rows[0]["FreqCode"]
>= MFreq;
> Continue on from here…
> My code is working fine down to where I start setting the
>Misc Charge fields. It gets to that point, and just exits
>the rest of the code. I don't get any error messages.
> I've thrown a number of "MessageBox.Show" commands in, so
>I know it's getting to that point and no further.
> Thanks!