MRP Log missing info

Just moved from Vantage 8 to Epicor 10.2.400. When MRP runs with MRP + scheduling it works great. Until it hits an error such as a part without an approved revision. It works properly by removing the U job but doesn’t identify the offending part. Vantage 8 did.
Anyone know of a fix for this or a different way to identify the offending part?

We’ve found that these types of items show in the Planning Workbench. You could have your team work off of the planning workbench, or perhaps create some sort of report that would identify things that are in the planning workbench but do not have a U job.

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I don’t know the insides of MRP but if you give me the steps used to trigger the process and the exception/error details I can try and track down the code and provide some suggestions.

Jonathan. The problem is the MRP log files. In Vantage the file indicated when an error occurred and identified the offending part. The same issue in Epicor 10 only identifies the job’s top level part and the action taken. This means
we have to look through the whole job to try to find the offending part. This can be thousands of parts with no clue where the problem might be found.

When the MRP process is creating the U jobs (Unfirmed jobs, the equivalent to a job suggestion) if any part below the top level does not have an approved revision then the whole job is deleted. This helps us identify problems, but without
the part number of the offending part it is a huge problem to find the offending part.

Maybe you can construct a SQL query or BAQ to track down the problematic part?
If this is an issue in the latest release you need to raise a ticket to have it fixed and eventually retrofitted if possible/requested.


That makes me think we might use a dashboard to discover such problems. Thanks much for the suggestion.