MRP Net Change Suggestions Not Working

Hello we have an issue with MRP net change it is creating expedite suggestions to change our current job from 8 to be built to 28 to cover the max on hand which is 8 and to cover the demand for 20 of them however as you can see bellow it suggests it then deletes it where am i going wrong is it becuase the job its trying to add the suggestion too has been started ?

So the unfirm job (PLU…01) is deleted because there is no valid revision available (none exist; all are unapproved; date is in the future; who knows).


The expedite is job 010447, right? I don’t think it’s deleted, but I can’t tell without like Time Phase, and honestly I’ve never dug into the logs for expedite suggestions (we ignore those honestly and manually manage the scheduling).

Hello Jason,

The job 010447 is approved and engineered do you recon because the job has been started its erroring trying to up the quantity so once this job is completed a new one will go through

Like I said, som more screenshots would help - time phase for example, after MRP. Right now I am confused/in the dark.

But just from what you have, I don’t see a connection from job 010447 to any errors. They are not near each other in the logs. See pic.