MRP planning calculator error

Good Morning,
Appreciate your suggestions!
When running the MRP occasionally the process will plan a job for a make direct order that is sold in PCS and inventoried in BOXES. On the sales order the conversion is made correctly from2400 PCS to 8 BOXES, however the job is planned for 2400 BOXES.

Are you saying that MRP is creating the job for the correct quantity, but not in the Sales UOM? Does this happen all the time or only some of the time with parts that have a different stocking UOM than the sales UOM?

Sorry I should have been more specific, the sales UOM is 2400 PCS, however the job if created from scratch does exactly what the system should do, it takes the sales order quantity and expresses it in the inventory UOM.
However something is wrong in the backend calculator. The only way we know how to correct the issue is to add a new release and delete the incorrect one.
Seems to fix the issue.
Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue.

Hi John,
Here is a screen shot of a part showing in time phase. You can see that some times it plans the required quantity and the job receipt correctly at the converted inventory UOM, however sometimes it does not. The UOM is still Boxes for whatever reason the factor has been ignored.
Thanks Candy

Hello Candy,

Have you written a query for both SO release lines, the one that is good and the one that is not? I’m wondering at what point the quantity gets out of whack? On the SO Release, as you probably know,t here’s Selling Quantity fields which are in the Sales UOM and Our Qty fields which are in the stocking UOM. Since creating a new release seems to fix the issue, maybe the problem happens sooner? Just a thought.

So if these look the same, then I would agree the MRP calculation is the likely problem. I’m wondering if the inverse relationship is confusing MRP, (that is a possible bug?) In other words, since you’re not using the lowest common denominator for the stocking UOM (where EA = 1/300th of a BOX. (Not sure if I have that right?)

John Gillenwater

Hello Candy, I forgot to ask what version you are on?

Hi John,
Thank you for your comments. I have since been working with Epcior and have requested a ticket to fix the issue. I now have a fix in place and it appears to be working. There are a few Sales orders that are still an issue that were previously in the system and Jobs that were already created. However the volume is decreasing daily.
Again thanks for all your help.
We are using version 10.1.500.10

Hello Candy,

I don’t think I provided any value here, but the good news is your issue is fixed!

Good luck,

John Gillenwater